The First One!

*Taps microphone* Is this thing on?

So. You’ve found my blog, theramblingsofaqueen, aka A Work In Progress. It took me (and an entire HOST of my friends) almost an entire day to come up with a name for this, and there were so many fabulous ones. Let’s have a moment of silence for those names that didn’t quite make it off the production line.

OK, moment over.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway

On this blog, I hope to characterise all my thoughts, to keep them all in one place and have an output of expression, ranting and the occasional ramble. I’m not the best writer (although it is a dream, and I’m working towards it!) but I thought that maybe writing a blog will give me some inspiration and also let the world know a bit more about myself.

I’m a loud person. Very loud. In fact, some people find me intimidating. (Which I’ve never understood, but ANYWAY). My favourite subject is English, my teacher is literally the best, and over the years, I have had so many English teachers which have inspired my love for literature. I sincerely hope that love comes through on this blog, I’d like to post excerpts of my writing, poetry and other pieces of random fiction that I am working on.

Maybe my ramblings might sometimes be necessary. Maybe my posts might often be something which you would like to read when you’re feeling some kind of way and maybe – just maybe – I can get you to think about the world in a different light. I’m very ambitious, so I fervently wish that all of the aforementioned come true. (I’m also a big Disney fan, so sit tight for all those posts about Princesses and Fairy tales!)

I’m not going to go on forever, because this is just my first post. (No, honestly though: what do you write for a first blog post?) So let it be hereby known that Queen is online and ready for action. I’m going to try my best to post something, even just a sentence, everyday – or at least, once every other day. Thank you for reading to the end! That’s a lot further than I expected.

Over and out,

Queen Rianna




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