I Can’t Wait For Summer

There is nothing more comforting – for me, at least – than sitting down at the end of an English test paper and feeling my fingers cramp with the exertion of quick, restless scribbling. The feeling is one of the best in the world, and I love that I get to flex my hand several times before it goes away. This probably sounds REALLY weird… but it’s not. It’s just the feeling that I have written a lot (probably rambled, but in a sophisticated manner) and have finished it just about on time. My mind is usually still reeling from the test paper, and thinking of all the things I could have said in certain paragraphs, better quotes I could have used to support my point and DAMN I could have written a more sophisticated conclusion.

There is nothing more upsetting than leaving said exam and realising that I have answered BOTH questions… When I was only supposed to answer one. OK, so let me just say, when you’re rushing through a test (you have 45 minutes) and you know that the question is worth 36 marks, you hardly have time to look back into your poetry anthology, let alone make notes and annotate things. You just start writing. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see the huge, bold OR stuck slap bang in between the two questions.

Like they say. Go the extra mile.

Although, the extra mile was unnecessary and may have possibly caused me to fail in an actual exam. (So thank God this one was a mock). Honestly, I sat there at the end with my three sides of lined A4 paper and thought, ‘Gosh, these don’t seem like enough to get me 36 marks each…’ Even at this point, I didn’t clock. I flipped over the sheets a few times, labelled each one with my name and went through checking, looking for bad punctuation (which is one of my pet-hates) and badly worded sentences. I STILL failed to notice that the biggest mistake I’d made was 1 and a half sides long and not easily rectified.

Of course, it didn’t take long before I was kindly alerted to my mistake by my friend… Almost 15 minutes after I’d left the lesson. Great. Of course, it was too late to do anything, so all I could do was sheepishly tell my teacher that I’d answer both questions and face her (*sobs in recollection*) disappointed smile as she told me that she had clearly told us only to answer one, and did I not see the huge OR in between? (To which, I smiled sadly and shook my head).

And of course, she couldn’t help but add at the beginning of our second test today that we should all “Read the question properly before we start so that we actually answer it correctly.” My friend and I exchanged a knowing glance.

Needless to say, I won’t be doing that again.

There is also nothing more relaxing than coming home, sitting at my desk, blogging about my intensely embarrassing experience and discussing Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with Tyga with my mum.

She’s 17 by the way. Kylie Jenner, as in. Not my mum.

TTFN, (for all you who remember Winnie The Pooh!*)

Queen Rianna


*TTFN stands for ‘Ta Ta for now’


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