I Want To be Like Other Girls…

Uhm, so I’m a total Disney geek. (The title is the name of a really cool song from Mulan 2, sung by the Princesses…) I mean, I DON’T want to be like other girls, because other girls aren’t the Queen. Or as generally awesome and unique as I am… Okay, they’re unique, but they’re just not ME.

It’s crazy how much work teachers think you can realistically achieve during the weekend. Because yes, it’s not like I have enough work to do during my actual school week, and of course, I can’t escape school so let me just have some more work. It’s not like I have a life either. (I don’t, but nobody needs to know that!) Like, geez! I’m not Superwoman and I’m CERTAINLY not Iron Man.

I wish I was though because he’s really cool.

Anyway, like you’ve probably guessed, I have too much work to do, so my post today won’t be super long, but just to let everyone know that I’m not dead! (Maybe we should riot and go on strike at schools! Maybe we could all join our forces together – since they think that we’re superheroes – and become some sort of Super Squad fighting the evil of homework… and my brain is running away, I’m SO sorry ladies and gentlemen…)

Take care everyone and have a fabulous day at school/college/wherever you are tomorrow… that was sarcastic, of course it can’t be fabulous, it’s WORKING… Nobody likes working. I’m pretty sure that even the Queen of England hates her job.

Well, it’s a good thing that I’m not the Queen of England then isn’t it?

Actually, no it’s not; I’d really like to be the Queen of England. It seems like quite a fun job. Running an ACTUAL country, since David Cameron and Nick Clegg don’t seem to be doing it very well at the moment. Although I’m not sure if England would accept me. I mean, I am a bit of a loser.

I need to do my work now – gosh, this blog is so distracting!

Laters my loyal subjects,

Her Royal Highness, Queen Rianna of the Astellian Isles (that sounds very official!)



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