Tomorrow I have four and a half (I’ve already written the first half) Spanish paragraphs due.

Ah, pues. (Oh well).

I’ve decided that my GCSE controlled assessments can wait. I mean, what are exams right? Especially the ones that can potentially shape your future? They’re practically pointless.

I don’t have much to write about today, so I’ve decided to share another few of my poems. This time they are taken from my third collection, ‘Lovestruck’. Interestingly – and ironically – the first one is called ‘Bilingual’. I actually wrote it when I was supposed to be doing my Spanish homework (do you see a trend here?) and I was thinking about this guy – yes, it is slightly personal, *blush* – and then I got sidetracked… and really annoyed, actually, and so I wrote this.

The second one is called ‘Guessing Games’, which was my first attempt at rhyming poetry. (I’m not a huge fan of rhyming poetry…) But here they are. So, you know what to do!

Bilingual (From ‘Lovestruck’)

I speak English. You speak English.

We only speak English.

Or at least, that is the only language we can speak fluently.

So why

Does it feel like,

Most of the time

We are speaking two different languages?

Your words are obscure

Sometimes, what you say has no


It doesn’t fit neatly back into my way of thinking

It’s confusing

And just when I finally figure out ONE word

There are eighteen more to translate

Sentences are never simple

I have to string together highly-complex

Conjugated, conditional verbs and nouns

Tenses even I don’t understand

To force you to read between the lines.

I thought your alphabet would be easier

But it’s just like reading hieroglyphics

You have no key. No chart. No

Self-teaching tools.

You just have to… know.

There are no cognates. Nothing remotely


About the things you say

Everything I say is easily lost

In Translation

You misinterpret the clearest messages

I wish

Sometimes, I just WISH

That you would talk

My language.

Guessing Games (From ‘Lovestruck)

You look at me

I look at you.

You smile at me

And I do too.

You look away, which I impute

Is down to me.

You’re kinda cute.

You look back up, your smiles unfurls

My heart does ballerina twirls.

Electrically, you shuffle in.

Your smile could cause a saint to sin.

Your searching eyes, they pierce right through

I’m now neck-deep in your gaze too

To which my breath has no escape

My heart it whispers, “Listen, wait.”

Then you lean down close to my ear

And whisper… but did I mishear

The compliment that you just paid

Was not for me, but for that jade!

I see her… and she’s mesmeric!

But you moved from ME pretty quick…

That’s not what I thought you would say

I should have got a play-by-play

Deep down, I wished that you’d see me

What you had called her, lovely

I will not play this game with you,

I will not guess, just tell the truth

I’m running circles, can’t you see

The impact that you have on me?

I give up.

I hope you liked them. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but I’m not the greatest at writing love poetry, and I don’t think that this collection is as good as the other two. But, you know, I thought it might be nice to get some other opinions. Please do comment and let me know what you think!

Adios, mis amigos!

Reina Rianna



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