Este es imposible…

Lo siento, pero es muy dificil escribir algun todos las dias! (I’m sorry, but it’s very difficult to write something every day!)

Estoy tratiendo me mejor escribir pero a veces, no lo se que escribir sobre… (I am trying my best, but sometimes I don’t know what to write about…)

Tambien, es mas facil escribir cosas en espanol, porque si no escribo lo que significa en ingles, nadie saben lo que estoy escribiendo. (It’s also easier to write things in Spanish, because if I don’t write what it means in English, nobody will know what I am writing.)

I was seriously considering writing the whole thing in Spanish, but then I thought that would get a bit boring to be honest. I mean, even I am getting bored of reading my – probably – poorly translated sentences.

So let me start again.

Languages are a beautiful thing. You can travel the world and go places – literally AND metaphorically – with the ability to form uncommon sounds and words in your mouth. I guess it sounds a bit funny put like that, but that’s literally what they are, if you think about it.

Sometimes, I sit down and think (well, I don’t always sit down because I don’t usually have time to but…) who on earth came up with [insert language here]? Did a group of people get together and go, ‘right, we’re sick of Joe always trying to get into our conversation; let’s talk a different language so he can’t understand what we’re talking about’? Or was it a bit more like, ‘hey, guys, Sue is obviously struggling with speaking this language, let’s try and teach her one that’s a bit easier so she can use that one instead’?

At any rate, whoever invented languages was (or were) a genius (or geniuses)… Is there another plural for more than one genius? Genii? Geniusus?

No matter.

Despite all the evident advantages, there is one slight flaw in the idea of languages… Not everyone can understand them.

And yes, I completely understand that this can sometimes be a good thing; there’s nothing I love hearing more on the bus than two girls OBVIOUSLY talking about someone else but in their own language… (Body language is a thing too!) but I feel like sometimes not comprehending the complex sounds one person can form and another can’t can be slightly problematic.

Take girls for example. (I won’t generalise, but I will say MOST because from my personal experience, surrounded by females 24/7, I’ve seen this happening all the time) Girls are possibly the most cryptic and complicated beings since the creation of mankind, and will probably continue to be, and the truth is that they… WE will never admit it.

I’m pretty sure that every message I send (mostly to guys, but also to some of my girlfriends) has about 12 different meanings, and those 12 different meanings and interpretations are all fused into a singular ‘hey’. Because not only could ‘hey’ mean, I want to talk to you. It could also mean, Why haven’t you messaged me first? You obviously don’t want to talk to me. Most likely, it could also entail, I feel like something has changed between us, and often has traces of I’m very sad please talk to me and make me feel better. 

As a result, I find myself interpreting every message I receive in 12 different ways. Because the moment someone pops up like, ‘hey’ I am immediately trying to figure out what they mean. Do they want to talk to me? Have they missed me? Do they have something important to tell me? Are they only messaging me because they feel obligated to do so? and etc. etc. At any rate, it’s not an easy habit to break, and even though in my heart of hearts, I know that all they meant was ‘hey’… I still try and figure out what they REALLY meant anyway.

Now, I’m sure at this point you would expect me to launch into a well-informed speech about how guys are similar, but really, I wouldn’t know. Not only am I NOT a guy (Praise be) I also have no way of knowing how complex or cryptic guys ACTUALLY are, simply because of my own interpretations of messages. So I’ll just say that the few guys I know are (usually) quite open and we supposedly know where we stand… Although I’m not quite sure where that is yet for some. (LOL)

But languages are very enchanting things. Sometimes I hear people reel off words and phrases fluently and just think, “Agh! I wish I could understand them! I wish I could speak that language!” Other times I wish that I could understand every single language in the world, and that I could speak them all fluently as well. But of course, my brain is, unfortunately, not hardwired for many more languages than English and Spanish. And don’t get me wrong, English is a great language… for English speakers. Spanish is a smooth, roll-off-your-tongue language and it’s so much fun to learn and speak; but equally so much effort!

Like I’ve said about eighteen times, languages are amazing. They are so fascinating (me fascinan!) and captivating, and as much as they have their disadvantages, I really think that the benefits far outweigh them.

At any rate, even when we are speaking the same language, we still can’t understand some people. And I don’t think learning their complex, cryptic language in order to communicate can effectively break that barrier.

Perhaps this was a bit of a bum topic, but hey. It’s a Thursday evening.


Queen Rianna



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