I Can Geography!

I really can. I’m so proud of myself, I got an entire mindmap done today (the topic was population dynamics, and it is currently blu-tacked to my wall). I did about 3 hours worth of revision and also answered questions online and went through a couple of practice questions.

Wow. What an amazing day.

Now, with all the gushing aside of how much work I achieved, I think we can move on to more important matters. Today has been a momentous occasion for most of Astellia, in which I think a lot of us learnt very much about ourselves. But what we mostly learnt, and what the moral of the story was… well, actually there were several morals to this story…

1. Cheaters never win. 

2. When you mess with one Astellian, you mess with the whole country. 

3. All for one and one for all. (Every man for himself, Barbara).

4. Don’t try to fight losers, because they WILL come down on you like a pack of wolves. 

So, let me just explain. My sister, (God bless her, you should read her moist post, The Queen’s Sister Speaks) is kind of a writer too. At any rate, she’s written a couple of poems, and she entered an online competition on the Movella site. Now, her poem was fabulous (I’m not even being biased, it was actually amazing), and so of course, rightly it attracted lots of views and likes. HOWEVER, this morning, she was just being curious and searched the title of her poem…

At which point she discovered a link on Wattpad to the exact poem. This is point where we were both a bit confused; first of all, she doesn’t have Wattpad, and second of all, she had never given anyone permission to use her poem. So we clicked on the link, and discovered her poem was under a collection of works by this girl (whom we will not name or even identify to anybody) but this girl had claimed she had written these poems herself… And one of which was written by my sister. Of course, the two of us were absolutely incensed. Not only had the girl not had the decency to credit my sister, but she’d also written in the description that these were poems she’d written herself. (And also had the cheek to command the reader of her plagarised works to ‘enjoy’). At any rate, we were not impressed. Immediately, the two of us hopped onto our social medias (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr) and messaged this girl, telling her that she had stolen my sister’s work and that she needed to take it down immediately or we would be reporting her. (We reported her anyway, even though she later had the audacity to inform my sister that her poem was ‘beautiful’ – as if we didn’t know that!)

So now. How the morals link in.

Number 1: Cheaters never win. This girl lives in America. She’s some faceless, average girl and she probably never thought that she would ever get found out. But obviously, this is the one time that she hasn’t gotten away with it. When we confronted her about it, she apologised profusely and said that she had “forgotten” to credit my sister, because she ALWAYS credits the people that she takes work from. No, she missed the entire point. We didn’t care about credit, we wanted her to ask to use somebody’s work in the first place. I’m not trying to be mean, but I doubt that she wrote any of the others either, to be honest. So, if you’re into poetry or even writing or reading it, then maybe you’ll know what I mean when I say that every single poem was completely different. Like, with my poetry, my voice runs through every single one of them, so they all have something about them that is similar. These poems that she “wrote” were all completely different and none of them even sounded the same. Hmm. Not even that, but she wasn’t even smart enough to a) change the title, b) change the lines or phrases a bit or c) WRITE HER OWN.

Number 2: When you mess with one Astellian, you mess with the whole country. Not only did I get involved, but also Ewnte, Barbara and Susanna joined in the verbal battle. (Not with her of course, we had to make my sister feel reassured that she had support, so we all offered verbal and moral support). Ewnte suggested that we sue the girl, Barbara made scathing judgement about this girl’s intellect and audacity, and picked apart every single response that this girl made, and Susanna (bless you, you seem to be competing with The Useless One) made her few remarks about her too. All I’m saying is, if we had money and we were more powerful, this girl would be going down. I mean, she had already but it would have been a lot worse if we had the means to. We’d probably see to it that this girl could never post ever again. Scratch that, she’d never be able to get onto the internet.

Number 3: All for one and one for all. I guess this relates to moral 2. The fact that all of us got involved even when it involved only one of us wasn’t, I think, a petty move, but I think it just showed the fact that we all stick up for each other. The absolute irony is that Barbara, Ewnte and Susanna are more my friends than my sister’s, but still we stood strong in the face of adversity, because as far as I’m concerned, nobody’s messing with my sister. And they all have the same mentality, happy families.

Number 4: Don’t try to fight losers, because they WILL come down on you like a pack of wolves. All I can say is, the language used today was colourful, sophisticated, encouraging, uplifting, comedic, humorous and entertaining all at the same time. Far too many people underestimate the ability of losers, they think because we’re at the bottom of the social pecking order that all we wish is to kick everybody else off of it or ascend the ladder ourselves. WRONG. The difference between being ON the ladder and underneath it is that when you’re on the ladder, you are either above or below someone. There is never really any sense of togetherness. But when you’re underneath the ladder, we’re like a pack, and the moment you step off your ladder, and even TRY to mess with one of us, we all pile in.

I just want to say, nobody was insulted (to their face at least), nobody was sworn at or called any nasty names or harassed, because we’re not like that. We might moan about people to make the person who is hurt feel better, but we never, ever pick on people directly. The whole point of the togetherness thing though, is that we are able to formulate plans, to come up with ideas and solutions to combat the problem effectively but also smoothly and with least conflict. Really, we hate conflict.

But at the end of the day, people need to stick up for each other more. There’s too much rivalry between people, especially girls, and I don’t get it! Like, everyone just take a chill pill, make some nice friends and when your time of trouble comes, you’ll have your own personal Musketeers to run to your distress signal. Seriously. You mess with one and you get far more than you originally bargained for.

Needless to say, she totally removed the poem.

Word of advice in the future: Please don’t mess with any of us Astellians. It’s not worth the risk.

Over and out, Queen Rianna



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