School, Glorious School

Being on holiday is supposed to be a lovely time to relax and not do anything; just watch movies and play videogames, and message all your friends.

That is nothing further from the truth.

All I have been doing for the past couple of days is revision, revision, revision. As if that’s not enough, I’ve also got BTEC PE coursework to do (as if this isn’t already one of the most useless subjects in all of school), I have to genuinely learn my Spanish paragraphs, since I didn’t know them before we broke up, and I have to learn – yes, not revise, LEARN – the entire Physics Unit 2 syllabus again, because my Physics teacher is terrible.

This is how my day has gone this morning:

8:00 – Wakes up. Falls back asleep.

8:30 – Wakes up. Falls back asleep.

9:00 – Wakes up. Falls back asleep.

9:05 – Well, obviously I’m not going to fall back asleep now… Falls back asleep.

9:10 – No, I need to get up now. Gets up.

9:15 – Does devotion, reads an inspiring Bible passage (Philippians 4:6), so stops worrying. Partially.

9:20 – Overcomes writer’s block (woohoo!) and writes emotionally charged short story, which is pretty bad LOL.

10:20 – Finishes writing story and then commences to send it to everybody to get their opinion.

11:00 – Tells myself to start revision.

11:10 – Goes to get some food, eats an apple and a mini bagel (they’re actually so nice!)

11:20 – Hears some saddening news.

11:30 – Goes and has a long soak in the bath.

11:50 – Tells myself to start revision.

11:51 – Daydreams about reality. Wishes my life was a book plot/movie.

12:00 – Tells myself to start revision.

12:01 – Daydreams about getting A*’s. Realises I need to actually revise to get A*’s.

12:05 – Starts revision.

13:00 – Completes some past papers.

14:00 – Makes a start on a Physics test paper.

14:01 – Gives up on the Physics test paper.

14:03 – Attempts to actually learn some Physics.

14:05 – Gives up on learning Physics.

14:10 – Realises that I can’t get into Cambridge with a C in GCSE Science, so actually learns some Physics.

14:30 – Goes on laptop and has DMC with sister.

15:00 – Does some more revision.

15:10 – Has the urge to eat an apple. There are no apples left. I have finished all the apples.

15:11 – Cries because I have no apples. Then realises that the apples wouldn’t want me to cry. So stops.

15:20 – Wants to go to the gym. But can’t because I can’t be bothered to.

15:21 – Realises that I will put on too much weight sitting here in my bed in my pyjamas if I don’t go to the gym.

15:30 – Calls big sister and asks her to take me to the gym with her.

15:40 – Decides that I’m bored so I will write on my blog.

Thus, here I am. This is pretty much how a lot of my days go, they are not only eventful but also productive. Genuinely, like reflecting back, when I’m older I’m going to be like, WOW is that how I spent my entire Easter holidays?

At any rate, I’m sure I have a few things to look forward to.

No, that’s a lie, I don’t have that much to look forward to. Except life. Life’s quite fun actually, yeah, I can’t lie, I actually like living. The things I have to do whilst living kind of suck, but living is the fun part I think. Anyway, I didn’t come online to moan about school. (Well… I kinda did, but oh well, that’s gone out the window). I don’t actually know why I came online, so perhaps I should leave now. I’ll post something more interesting and deep this evening when I have had substantial time to contemplate the meaning of life and the purpose of which we hold as humans.

All from me, peace out

Queen Rianna



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