I’m Still Here

Yes, I’m alive. Yes, I’ve been slightly busy with work (but mostly procrastination). Yes, I’m having difficulties prioritising my life and everything.

So, I was thinking about what to write today. Our holidays have ended and now I’m back at school, which, naturally, is great excitement for me…


I had a really great topic to talk about, something I was discussing with my sister but she’s sooo great and she can’t remember either. I think I’ll just ramble for a while until I get bored of it. I know I was supposed to post part 3 like… a month ago, but I’m kind of still in the process of writing it – it’s not a long post but it is definitely one which needs to be written with the appropriate respect and there’s a lot of emotion going into it, so you may have to hold out just a little bit longer.

I usually talk about quite deep stuff, so today I thought I’d just tell recap the happenings from my day. It sounds pretty boring because it practically is.

First of all, we had Maths. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I actually have come to like Maths. Yes, I may have mentioned in the past I disliked it, but I definitely like certain topics, like trigonometry and algebra. (It’s just so comforting knowing that there is an answer and the feeling of satisfaction when you find the correct one is amazing) So, we’re just doing revision right now, and I moved next to Susanna so we could do the test paper together, but also discuss some VERY important happenings in our lives… (By which we just mean what we’re going to do in the Summer and stuff). I promised her that I’d watch a show she wanted me to watch, and we both started making plans about random stuff… all while completing our test papers of course; we’re relatively good at multitasking.

We have this really cool teacher (cool being the subjective word here) but we just call him ‘Klods’, and he is actually a great teacher. But God bless him, me and Susanna being Grammar Nazi’s are always getting on at him with his grammar. Today was an exception, but I think it was only because it was Monday; he’ll slip up soon and we’ll be there to correct him swiftly. (I think he’s learning to appreciate our corrections, and no longer takes offence to them LOL). At any rate, he was coming round to check everyone’s work, and, as he usually does when he hears noise, accused me and Susanna.

“Rianna and Susie, shush.” He says in his brisk Polish accent. After which Susanna adds indignantly, “Sir, it wasn’t even us, we actually weren’t talking, I’m not sure how you could have heard our voices.” At which point he concedes defeat to her point and goes, “Yes, yes OK, it wasn’t you, but shush please.”

Thank you Klods. Because that makes so much sense.

After Maths, we have this subject called Study Skills, which is literally a waste of an entire period. Yes, it is as useless as it sounds. We’re suppose to learn about how to be able to think critically, and analyse things and form our own opinions, but we do that anyway? Regardless, in this subject, I swapped places with a girl in my class to sit with my Elms buddies so that we could get some revision done and, of course, discuss the most recent happenings on ‘The Next Step’ – which reminds me, I need to do some more Physics revision… Anyway. As we were talking, our conversation got slightly political and we started leaning towards the politics of America. After we all agreed that America was problematic, Izzy decided that we should quarantine them; she said we should line their coasts with ships and just shoot anyone who tries to leave. Of course, we all thought this was a good idea in theory, but not in practice. (And also the whole ‘innocent casualties’ thing we weren’t particular fans of, because that’s not our style, that’s America’s…)

Socrates kindly added that America would just try to bomb us, after which Izzy added that they wouldn’t be able to, because our ships wouldn’t allow us to leave. After Socrates and I picked her point apart, she eventually conceded defeat, at which point Freya suggested that we dig tunnels under America and put bombs in these tunnels. I had to just very quickly add in that America was not a big fan of the ‘proportionate force’ policy. If we bombed America, they would retaliate by sinking the whole of the UK… most likely including Ireland. At which point everybody agreed. Nobody really had any better ideas for controlling America except for being elected as President, which none of us could do anyway, because none of us are… well, American.

Very productive lesson.

At break, I learnt that Mrs J the librarian, had ordered a lot of money worth of books. I was very excited. Unfortunately, they didn’t come today; hopefully, they will tomorrow, because I really want first dibs. I was mostly sleeping through Geography. We had a supply and it was difficult to stay awake, my Geog bud wasn’t in, so I had to sit through an entire hour with no motivation and no social interaction. It almost killed me.

I HAD DOUBLE SPANISH. Honestly, I’m very unsure as to how I survived it. An entire TWO HOURS of Spanish, and Praise God that I’m still alive. I have two controlled assessments coming up (both of which will contribute to my lack of frequented posts) and – OK, quick story break.

So there’s this assistant teacher in Spanish and after a misunderstanding a while ago with Susanna, I think I have given the impression that I have a childish crush on him… which I completely do NOT, but I’m just not very articulate sometimes, HAHA. So, what happened was, usually when I come into the classroom, Roddy (that’s my Spanish teacher) he asks me a question; something in Spanish which is usually a variation of, “How are you? How was your day?” or something like that. Anyway, usually, I’m quite good with coming up with answers in Spanish and occasionally, Guadalupe and I will engage in a short conversation in Spanish with him.

Except this one time. I came into the classroom with Susanna, and Roddy was there as usual, but the assistant teacher was there too, and Roddy asked me about an assembly I had done – he said something like “That assembly was very interesting, where did the idea come from?” – and I fumbled for an answer, so he ended up repeating the question several times, and then he had to say it in English (even though I totally knew what he was saying!) and all I could manage was, “Mucho gusto.” (Which means, “Nice to meet you.”) Well done Rianna. Clap for you. And then I had to go and make it worse, I couldn’t just leave him thinking I was incapable, I went and added, “I did actually know what you were saying sir, it’s just when [the assistant teacher] is here, I can’t think properly, he kind of makes me a bit nervous and I kind of forget all my Spanish.” And then Susanna laughed, at which point I realised it sounded like I had admitted an adolescent crush. Fabulous.

And to make it even BETTER, sometimes we practice our Spanish speaking with the assistant, and me and Guadalupe went into the office with him, and he asked us “Como te llamas?” Which means, “What is your name?” Now, he is a native Spanish speaker and he’s very fluent, but he wasn’t even talking quickly. I’m not sure what I was thinking (!) but I replied, “Estoy cansada.” Which means, “I am tired.” Of course, I immediately realised my mistake, internally face-palmed and sank humiliated into my chair as he repeated his question in different forms, “Tu nombre? (Your name?)” before eventually resorting to just ask me in English. At which point, I felt TERRIBLE. I understood him, but ever since, I’ve been soo embarrassed around him; not only does he think I have some cutesy crush on him (gross), he also thinks I am incompetent of Spanish speaking, and can’t even answer a SIMPLE QUESTION.

Well, those are my moments. Those are the moments I am sharing, which encompass my abject humiliation, my drama, and highlight a snippet of my life… Though not a very exciting one. You’ll have to excuse me for rambling so long.

Until next time,

Queen Rianna



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