The Slave That Changed His Name

I’m not really in the right mood to write right now, but I’ve been occupied with work and stuff so haven’t really had the chance to post very many. There have been huge gaps between my posts, and obviously it bugs me, but at the moment, I can’t do much about it… and to be honest, I don’t think I will be posting consecutively again until the half-term in May, or even until June.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, it’s not as deep as it may sound. Maybe I will have some heated rant about racism or discrimination or something else at some point, but right now my mind is just screaming “APPLES!” so I need to get something down before I completely zone out. I decided maybe I should note down a few comments I have heard which really upset me in the past week/month; some are funny, some are not, some are stupid. I don’t know. Just read them I guess.

Some very ignorant comments that I have heard recently:

“When girls say no they don’t really mean it.” (In the justification of a rape)

“Wasn’t Malcolm X the slave that changed his name?” (During a Year 7 History Class)

“The sole purpose of females is to attract males and reproduce.” (I don’t even KNOW what the context of this was)

“What TV program are you guys talking about?” (Following the discussion of the Ferguson shootings)

“Nigel Farage would actually be a really good Prime Minister.” (Does the context even matter?)

“I’ll just vote for whoever my parents vote for.” (When asked about future political voting preferences)

“No homo.” (Really? Like, how old is this?)

“The education minister actually made some good changes.” (Did he? Did he?)

“I’m really surprised, I actually know more than you.” (On assuming Rianna has the brain of Albert Einstein)

“There are so many more girls out there.” (On encouraging a break-up, implying girls are disposable).

“Is he your boyfriend?” (On seeing school peers whilst out with a cousin)

“I swear, God should have made me black so I could have a nice butt.” (Need I say much more?)

“I’m so tan that I’m practically black.” (Discussing a spray-tan… which had gone horribly wrong)

“Do you pray in Jewish?” (On discussing religious practices with a friend who has a Jewish father)

“Is that your real hair?” (On seeing my hair in a twist-out and longer than it looks in my normal styles)

“I’m allowed to say the ‘n’ word because my bestfriend/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/chicken/llama is black.”

“I’m allowed to sing the ‘n’ word in songs because it’s not the same as saying it out loud.”

“I’m actually more black than you.” (On discussing music tastes, during which I say I do not listen to R&B hip hop or rap)

There are probably more, I just literally can’t deal with the reams and reams of ignorant people that I sometimes seem surrounded by. There are a lot more but if I wrote them up, it’d quickly get very personal and people would probably get upset at me, which would be a bit of a disaster. Anyway, I’ve got a few more weeks to go before my exams start, so I’m revising like mad. I’m trying to cram work in wherever I can, but it is super hard to concentrate, especially when I’m at home.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad place to revise, but I find it so much easier to just relax and stimulate my brain in the peace and quiet of a library or in a school classroom or something. There’s just something more comforting about sitting amongst reams of books rather than sitting at home on my bed with my laptop and open books strewn all over the floor.

What is probably the most ridiculous is that some of our teachers haven’t even finished teaching us the syllabus. At this point all we’re really meant to be doing is a bit of revision and going over the main topics but NO. Geography we still have a whole new unit to do (which, can I just say, is one of THE hardest units out of ALL of them, and we literally have about 10 more lessons to grasp the complex processes), Spanish we still have a controlled assessment to do, BTEC Sport we haven’t finished our final unit and Maths we are still being taught concepts. Drama I still have one more assessed coursework piece on Tuesday. Thankfully, RE, English and Science we’re just really doing revision and going over what we already know.

Well… wish us luck. And pray for us. Because, for real, we all need serious prayers.

Peace out everyone, Queen Rianna



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