Sorry This Took So Long

I was supposed to post this ages ago, saying that I won’t be blogging frequently again until 11th June 2015. (When all my exams are over!) Unfortunately, I’m pretty busy doing revision, and for SOME reason – I don’t know, don’t ask me why – everyone’s like, “Oh revision is a priority right now, because you’re doing your exams…” But like, these are just the biggest exams I will possibly sit in my life and that can affect my future?

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of them? (I sincerely hope I effectively conveyed my sarcasm, and if I haven’t then I apologise, I am a little rusty; haven’t been blogging for a while…)

Anyway, this is 90 more words than I was hoping for, so I’m going to say tata until the 12th, when you will be blessed with a nice chunky post about my exciting times.

Love from Queen


p.s. You can catch me here if you’re wondering what’s happening. But it won’t be updated frequently, probably at the end of each week.


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