Monopoly Stats (Updated)

Character: BOOT (Opponents: Top Hat – Sister)

Current Position on Board: Vine Street

Money: £1,119

(9 x £1, 1 x £5, 0 x £10, 3 x £20, 3 x £50, 3 x £100, 1 x £500)

Places on Board Owned:

  • Euston Road and The Angel, Islington
  • Northumberland Avenue
  • Trafalgar Square and Strand
  • Leicester Square
  • Oxford Street
  • Mayfair and Park Lane
  • Kings Cross Station and Liverpool Street

EXTRAS: Get Out Of Jail Card (Yes, still!)

Am doing slightly better…The stakes are very high now. This is unreal. We’re doing the thing where you put all the money into the middle and whoever lands on the “Free Parking” Square gets all the money. The total in the middle is £4,715.

I’ll just repeat that for all of you who didn’t get that:


So far, neither myself nor my sister have managed to land on it. This is unreal. This is unreal. How? We keep landing on Vine Street and Strand (the spaces either side of it) but not the ACTUAL space. This is unreal.


Not to mention the fact that I was prematurely celebrating – like, literally, I was jumping up and down in the kitchen for ages – when I thought I rolled a 10… but I had rolled a 9. I can’t even count. This is how delirious the game is making me. Delusional.

Back in a few,

Queen Rianna



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