A Few Reasons Why Elderly People Are Better Than Teenagers

I don’t even need much of an introduction, except to say that YES, I will generalise; YES, you may not agree, but NO it doesn’t matter to me. This is a matter of opinion. Opinion being the key word. Obviously, I am basing my viewpoint on my personal experience. You might think or have experienced differently, and that’s OK. We are all entitled to our own opinions. 🙂

So. A few reasons why (in my opinion) elderly people are better than teenagers:

  1. Every sentence is not punctuated with “like”, “basically” and “literally”.
  2. You can have some very intelligible conversations with them.
  3. They’ve experienced a LOT. And the cool ones are the ones that tell you the stuff they’ve gone through.
  4. They might have gone through really large events in History. (i.e. my grandad came over on the Windrush) It is more exciting to hear it from them than from a History textbook.
  5. They really have no shame.
  6. They make FUNNY jokes. Dying is one of the main themes of these.
  7. A lot of them don’t understand slang. When you speak slang to them, it’s very funny.
  8. They are just so adorable when they ask you to help them with technology.
  9. They can be so sassy to their children, and it’s so funny, because it’s like little adults that are getting dissed by the BIG adults.
  10. CLOTHES! Their wardrobes are like stepping into the past. And it’s all original stuff!
  11. They use very eloquent language. I learn some great words from them.
  12. They are so polite.
  13. They don’t scowl at you for no reason.
  14. Elderly ladies have a horde of younger boyfriends (i.e. my grandmother) LOOL
  15. ^^ ((That was a joke – she’s married – but she makes jokes about having other boyfriends. Which I think qualifies for this list to be honest, because… That’s fantastic))
  16. They are so articulate in their description of events and when they are talking to you. Yes, it may take them 2 hours to tell you a 15-minute story, but hey! At least you get some good laughs in there as well.
  17. They mock everyone.
  18. They’re like little children, on the honesty front; they just say everything as it is. (OK, so sometimes, SOME can be slightly rude about it, but the ones who love you are polite about it!)
  19. When you see them with their best friends, they’re like little children. It’s absolutely adorable.
  20. They’ll give you money for no other reason other than the fact that they just want to.

I mean, this is all quite biased, but for some reason, I find OAPs so much more interesting and engaging than teenagers. Maybe it’s just the people whom I know.

At any rate, I seem to have lost all of my writing abilities, so I’m going to wait for a while to regain my skills. Recharge.

Stay safe everybody. Please don’t go out meeting random elderly people, because that’s a tad worrying.

Queen Rianna



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