A Friendly Reminder

Dear White People,
Please imagine a person saying this word: Nigger.
If, like some white people, you do not even feel comfortable reading this word, let alone imagining someone actually saying it, then I can only hope that your reasoning behind such thought is that you understand the hurtful intention behind it; not because you just genuinely feel uncomfortable whenever issues surrounding race are brought up in conversation. (In which case, congratulations! You have reached a higher level of human intellect otherwise known as AWARENESS :D👏👍)
If however, like some white people, you feel like this word would be said in a friendly, amiable tone, or are only uncomfortable because you don’t like discussing racial issues or acknowledging that your ancestors were more than likely slave owners, then you are both silly and very, very mistaken. (In which case, you seem to be stuck in the depths of human misunderstanding, also termed IGNORANCE :oops:😯👎)
Do you know the origins of this word? This word was used by your ancestors as part of the systematic oppression of black slaves. You using this word only evokes these memories. At no other point in history has the word “Nigger” been synonymous to “Comrade”, nor has it even had connotations of affection or respect. Using this word evokes these memories.
It is not okay to say. I don’t care if your boyfriend/girlfriend is black, I don’t care if your best friend is black, I don’t care if your chicken/dog/llama or the flower in your back garden is black. This does not give you the right to use this word. When you use this word, you are accepting and becoming a part of the systematic oppressors. When you use this word, you are conveying the narrow minded, racist and stereotypical view that black people are worse than animals; this is what the word was intended for, to make black slaves feel worthless. Calling a black person “My nigga” does not make you black, nor does it earn you any credit. All it makes you sound like is an ignorant person who is unaware of the meaning and intention behind this word. It is not okay to sing it in songs. It is not okay to laugh it off when someone gets offended at it. Apologise.
It is an offensive word. It was not intended to uplift the broken spirits of sufferring slaves, it was intended to grind them further into the dirt. You using this word is only grinding the broken bones of my ancestors deeper into the ground.
Or any other variation of it.
And what the hell is a “whigga”? A white nigger?
Why are you familiarising yourself with the word? Why are you trying to extend the narrow barriers to include the very same people who instigated the oppression? Stop getting familiar with it. Unfamiliarise yourself. Stop being comfortable with saying it. Recognise what you are saying.
In conclusion:
1. It is not a friendly word so stop saying it.
2. There can be no justification for saying it.
3. There is no context in which using it becomes acceptable.
4. Any variations are just as offensive as the derivative.
5. Just stop.

Dear POC,
The same applies for you.
It doesn’t help either, when you refer to your White Friends as “niggas” or “black”. Also, stop using phrases like, “You’re actually so black” or “You’re more black than me/that girl/that boy etc.” Being black or a POC is a biological predetermination. It is not a feeling and you cannot BE black or a POC unless you are biologically black or a POC.
You referring to your non-POC friends as “black” is problematic in two senses; firstly, like I said, it is not an adjective you can attribute to them without first embracing racial stereotypes. (Please, define what “being Black” is for me – if your description includes twerking, having a large butt, talking “ghetto” (which, in itself isn’t a particularly flatterring characteristic to attribute to Black people or POC anyway…) listening to Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B, Rap and/or Reggae and eating chicken then I hope you realise how your stereotyping is reflecting on yourself as well). Secondly, it also puts these friends under the false illusion that they have the God-given right to say/sing/use the word “nigger” without causing offence; after all, if they are “black” and “all Black people use it” then why should they not be allowed to?

In conclusion:
It’s not really up for debate, to be honest, it’s just not a very nice word. Please stop acting like it’s okay to use.

Yours sincerely,
Empress Rianna



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