The Empress Lives

Good evening/good morning/good afternoon everybody. I have been M.I.A for nearly three-thousand, four hundred and eighty two years now; for which I offer my most sincerest apologies. (If anyone even cares LOL)

I miss this blog. It’s almost like I haven’t had time to blog… oh wait. I HAVEN’T. Because of all this lovely homework that we’re getting now because we’re ‘so responsible’ and ‘hardworking’ and ‘should be given an opportunity to prove this’. Like, PSH. No thanks. I’d rather get the same amount of work as last year.

Ah well. Anyway, I’m buckling down. You can tell because I haven’t been able to post for 3,482 years (The aforementioned figure) and so I am going to have a quick ramble just now to remind everything that I still live and reign. I don’t have anything particularly scintillating to talk about today; we went back to the care home with NCS but that’s another story for another day (LITERALLY, I need to rant about that, but not now, because it’s SO late and I should be in bed… I’m not going to be able to wake up tomorrow morning).

Squad is mostly sleeping (which is ANOTHER story; school is tearing my crew apart!), MARBY IS REAL (literally only two people will understand that reference… if you think you understand it then you’re WRONG. You really don’t) and I don’t know why I’m still awake – but I’ve just finished off my English homework. Which isn’t fantastic, but hey ho. Clearly I have my priorities sorted.

Anyway, like I said, this is a quick ramble. I’m not even in my pyjamas yet (how shameful of me!) and my back aches. But I have three beautifully typed and printed pages of my reading journal for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood; which is an absolutely TERRIFYING and SHOCKING and generally weird book! (Wow, that makes THREE posts I’m going to have to do at SOME POINT). I was nominated for a blogger’s award SOOO long ago now, and I STILL haven’t done it. In fact, for the past month, I’ve done very little except school work, homework, and then more school work.

So, catch up of events at school: I’m in the School play – It’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ this year, and I’m Benedick. (Benedick? Benedict? Who even knows? Can someone ask Shakesy?) Squad is slowly being segregated based on our options, and seeing as everyone apart from myself, Susanna and Babs are Science and Maths students… well, you can probably guess it. We’re being separated. However, the PE Office, (formerly known as the PE Office and NOW known as the A6FCR – Alternative Sixth Form Common Room) is being taken over by Squad at the end of the day. Last week on Friday, I did a Whitney song, whilst spinning around on the spinny chair and singing into the head of a screaming Minion toy from McDonalds. (I would feel so terribly ashamed if any teachers from school read this post, excluding Banksy and Lawly of course, but to be fair, Banksy should feel terribly ashamed for even having a minion toy in the first place…)

My sixth form is mixed (even though I attend a girl’s school) but we have like four boys in our consortium classes. There’s one in my English and three in my Spanish class. They’re nice enough. For boys, that is. Not that I have anything against boys but… they’re boys. Need I say much more?

I do Consortium at another school, where one of my NCS besties goes, which is great because it means I can hang out with her and her friends for like 7+ hours a week. (To be honest, she probably hates me LMAO but she’ll get used to it) And her friends seem to like me, which is a bonus too. I have some #BanterBuddies in Drama (the subject I do Consortium) so I obviously get a lot of work done, because we’re all very motivated to do it all. And I’m very proud of my productivity in Drama actually!

ALSO my cousin came down from Bristol on Friday, which was great, and even though we didn’t have THAT much time this weekend, we actually did so much chilling it was fun LMAO. We caught up and it was great and now I feel caught up. (That was very repetitive but it’s *checks computer time* 11:22pm so I don’t really care right now)

ALSOOOOO I very much miss my old English teacher and I also miss having Lawly as a form tutor. I’m also sad that I have lots of History homework to do, though it’s mostly based around the Tudor’s so it’s not TOO bad.

But I have done SO little reading and just had so LITTLE free time in general since we started back at Sixth Form; which I did NOT think was going to be the case. There are so many folders I have to carry, one for each lesson, and with FILE DIVIDERS because we have more than one teacher for each subject… but at least my handbag is really cute and sturdy at the same time.

This was supposed to be a quick ramble – how did it turn into nearly 1000 words?

Anyways, I need to get to bed. Love you all, long live the Empress blah blah…

Empress Rianna



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