*Gasps* What a surprise that Rianna has blogged two days in a row! (This is mainly for Lawly’s benefit… if I don’t stick to my word, I’ll never hear the end of it. She’s got blackmail material too LOL)

Anyways. This will be a ramble, I suppose, seeing as I don’t have anything specific to talk about. I was GOING to talk about why I should be voted Prime Minister, but I think that’s a post for another time. Also, I feel like I shouldn’t rant because this has been a good day so far! So maybe I’ll just talk about my plans for this week? Let’s do it.

My Plans for Half-Term Holiday:

  1. Complete all homework.
  2. (NB: Number 2 is only accessible if Number 1 has been completed in it’s entirety) Complete all optional homework.
  3. (NB: Number 3 is only accessible if both Number 1 and Number 2 have been completed in their entirety) Maybe have some free time and relax. MAYBE.

Mostly working basically. Not working, like MONEY working. Working like school and Sixth Form working. And blogging when I have time. (Such a privilege, but JUST for you Lawly 🙂 ) If you’d just like to get a taste of my homework schedule for this week:


  • Write essay on Live Theatre performance (A4 double-sided).
  • Complete character profiling and prep for Krogstad and Nora.


  • Complete sheet on the Cultural effect on Democracy and the Weimar Republic. (A4 sheet).
  • Complete three-sided A3 sheet on Henry VIII coming to the throne.


  • Write essay on film and ratings.
  • Complete 7 grammar sheets, in addition to the three sheets started in lesson with Perfect and Pluperfect tenses.
  • Finish overdue homework on writing advice in response to a health disorder.


  • Do Poetry Comparison sheet (A3 sheet).
  • Complete detailed prep on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ in Chapter 13 and ‘Household’ exploration, as well as 6 detailed PEE paragraphs on the Ceremony in Chapters 15 and 16.
  • Continue Reading Journal.
  • Optional: Poetry comparison paragraph.


  • Learn script for school play.

MY LIFE IS A JOKE. MY LIFE IS AN ACTUAL JOKE. Who gets that much work for a WEEK’S HOLIDAY!? My teachers genuinely hate me.

Love from your entirely sane,

Empress Rianna



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