A Bit About Myself

When I say, “Oops, I forgot [insert noun or active verb here]”, you can pretty much guarantee that along with ‘to reply’ andΒ  ‘my headphones’, ‘to think’ is a clearly applicable verb in most situations.

I often find myself in pickles because I forget to do this very important thing.

To think.

But other than that, I’m alright. I talk a lot, ramble a lot more and rant even more than both of the aforementioned. I have experience ruling a country, and then an Empire; I have simultaneously watched this Kingdom and Empire grow and slowly crumble before my very eyes.

I want to be a writer, a teacher, an activist, a wife, a housewife, a mother and everything in between. And all before I’m retired.

That’s me.

I guess if you want to find out more, you’ll have to read a few of my posts. No biggie.

The Faerie Squad Mother x


10 thoughts on “A Bit About Myself

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I guess my title of “Quirky” peaked your interest. I’m sorry to report that you and I have a lot of similarities! I let my quirky side come out when I write. I just completed my 2nd novel! Now it’s off to my friend for editing then to a publisher.


    • Yes, your blog is great! I’m always looking out for blogs to follow which I think could inspire me to do things or write. Honestly, my goal is to get a book published so go you for having two!


  2. haha super cool. I should have created islands and named myself queen in Math class! Then I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for falling asleep in class!


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